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Poultry Lice and Northern Fowl Mites

Unlike red mites, these parasites live on your birds and are transmitted from wild birds in your garden.


How will I know if my chickens have lice or Northern Fowl Mite infestation?

Because these parasites live on the birds if there is an infestation will you will be able to see them or their eggs if you regularly examine your birds. Lice are small brown critters, Northern Fowl Mites are smaller and black. Both lice and Northern Fowl Mites feed off your birds’ blood, which makes them irritable and grumpy; they may peck each other or pull out their own feathers. Infested birds may also look pale may stop laying for no reason.


How should I treat them?

It is relatively easy to treat these peaky pests; and it is essential to treat the housing as well as the birds to prevent any re-infestation:

1. Thoroughly clean out the coop, remove all faeces, dry matter and bedding.

2. Spray the coop with Nettex Total Mite Kill Ready to Use Spray (or diluted concentrate) this will disinfect and kill any mites and lice in the housing. Both products contain a coating agent which will continue to act on the mites even after it has dried – therefore always shake the product before diluting the concentrate and before each use. Once this has dried powder thoroughly inside the coop with Nettex Buz Busters Louse Powder before replacing the bedding and roosting bars.



A regular routine like this will keep the mites at bay and ensure that your flock is parasite-free and healthy.

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Identify the threat Tackle infestations Deter Pesky Pests and...

...most importantly keep your birds healthy, happy and productive.


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