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Lucy Fletcher

Dumbleton, Worcestershire

Has 8 backyard chickens in a big chicken coop with run.

"We've had chickens for about two years here, but I have kept chickens since a young age. I can't live without a dippy egg day on a Sunday. There is something especially satisfying knowing your chickens have produced them."

"Total Mite Kill is brilliant. It works so well. We've tried a lot of products in the past which seem to work for a few days then the mites come back again, but we've never had this problem with Nettex. It's long lasting and does the job well.

I spray Total Mite Kill a couple of times over the peak mite period and use Total Mite Kill Powder at the same time, which tends to do the job. We don't need to use anything else. We're really pleased with it. I've been using it for the last two years, and I'd recommend it to anyone."

Ben Freeman

Redditch, Worcestershire

Stocking rate 50 chickens.

Nutri-Drops - "I wish I took a video of a chicken that was pretty much dead, I gave it a dose of Nutri-Drops and soon it was back on its feet and it's still alive today. I don't think there is a word to describe how good it is."

Red Mite Powder - "It's just as good as anything else I've tried, and I'd recommend it to anyone."

Mineral Boost - "I use Mineral Boost in the feed all the time, religiously. It just makes the birds healthier. I also find it makes them lay more consistently with better eggs as well."

Vikki Lancina


Has around 40 chickens currently, showing Isabelle Brahmas and hobby breeding.

"I'm improving my birds all the time, and have just started to be placed in competitions. It gives me so much pleasure knowing I've bred and looked after them myself."

"I have a flock of Isabelle Brahmas which are mainly bred for showingm some normal Brahmas which are sold to hobby breeders and can be shown, and a flock of Orpingtons for egg laying and selling for hobby breeding."

"I only started showing this year, as I’ve been breeding more than showing, but I’ve been very happy and excited about it because I've been quite successful. The social side of showing is great, and having other people's opinions of what you're doing. I’m a member of the Brahma club of GB, and it's a lovely club. They really are very helpful and friendly.”

"I was quite nervous about keeping chickens when I first did it, but you really can do it yourself, and it provides a great sense of pride."


"They are absolutely fantastic, I love them. It’s brilliant stuff."

"I've been using Nutri-drops for three or four years now, and I would never be without them. They're always in my emergency kit."
"A couple of my Orpingtons are really old, and sometimes when they have an off day and they aren't very happy, I give them a dose of Nutri-drops, and it just bucks them back up again."

"Nutri-drops are really good, I've often recommended them to people."

"Every time I’ve used Nutri-drops, with whatever ailment, it always bucks my chickens up."

"If I've had a poorly bird, one that's been off her food, one that's had sour crop, or something that hasn't been eating, I give them some Nutri-drops and it soon kicks their metabolism back up and they start eating again. It's quite good stuff."

"On occasion, a sickly lethargic bird given some Nutri-drops has soon been back up again."