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Pickle the hen

Duxford, Cambridgeshire

Ex-battery hen Pickle was very poorly when desperate owner Tony Dron called the Nettex Helpline for advice. “She was down in the beak, had liquid faeces and her health was declining fast,” says Tony. “Her head was right down, she had stopped eating and she looked very sad.”

Nettex Business Manager and poultry expert Clare Hitchman advised Tony to feed Pickle with Nutri-Drops, a fast acting pick-me-up packed full of vitamins and minerals with extra B vitamins. Clare also suggested that Tony worm his flock. “Clare provided invaluable advice and clearly knows her stuff,” says Tony. “She even took the trouble to give me a list of all the Nettex Poultry stockists near me; I managed to buy the last one that day!”


“Nettex Nutri-Drops gave Pickle an instant boost"

Tony and his wife, Charis (Pickle’s real owner, Tony is keen to stress), followed Clare’s advice: Pickle started to perk up immediately, and recovered to full health: “Nettex Nutri-Drops gave Pickle an instant boost, without doubt, and she improved every time my wife gave her the drops, getting increasingly better all the time.”

Pickle’s flock has now been wormed and they are all in the best of health. Tony says, ”Charis and I can’t thank Clare and Nettex enough. I highly recommend their advice line and products.”